Today's Encouragement

"A mentor/coach of mine shared these powerful words that felt like a “reset button”. She said, “The challenge with life is that it is so daily.” I’m going to let you sit with that statement for a moment, like I did. Did your eyebrows go up, head tilt, then you finally nodded in agreement saying, "that's right"? I did just that! That is a powerful statement! It means waking up to life with all its stuff, happens daily. It seems so simple, yet we forget that it's so true. Our encounters with life happen as we breath in and breath out. We have good times, bad times and in-between times. However, I truly believe there is always hope in what can seem like hopeless situations.

'Today's Encouragement' provides a way for you to step into that hope.

As you share your challenges and victories with us, you will encourage other women when you share your stories through Today's Encouragement.