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Walking out our life’s purpose can be a bit tricky and seem like a winding road moving through hills, valleys, highways, residential areas and time zones. Especially, when you have committed to live your life with purpose by Faith. Someone once asked, “What is your life?” The response was, “it is a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away”. Man, talk about pressure to get life right and make it meaningful! Quite honestly, sometimes we blow both of them.

As life happens at the speed of breathing, it’s hard to stay on course over a long period of time. Pretty much like wearing high-heel shoes for too long. I can say, first hand, that the “struggle is real” in both instances.

Listen to the Traction in Heels podcast above. I will share fundamental tools and testimonies on how to “stay the course” and gain traction in your heels.

Weekly Podcast on various subjects will be coming soon. You won't want to miss them.