Traction in Heels™

Walking Out the Steps to Reach Your Destiny

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Some of my favorite things in the world are the Bible, seeing things bigger than me; like the ocean, a sunset, or the stars in the sky. I do this to help adjust my perspective when I feel overwhelmed. Another of my favorite things are shoes. Now, I can imagine a subtle smile coming on your face and I bet you are even feeling a little warm and fuzzy inside!

Shoes have provided many levels of support for me over the years. They helped me feel confident, beautiful, sassy, and smart, especially if I got them at an amazing price. They have been with me through good and bad times.


Well, like with shoes, when we are walking out our faith in the areas of business, relationships, and even our faith, we can end up with situations that make it tough to see which steps to take. Sometimes our path gets muddled, and we end up in unexpected places. These places can try to stop us right in our tracks hindering our destiny. Unfortunately, they frequently succeed, and we have no idea of how to move forward.

Traction In Heels ™ is designed to help you stay-the-course. I’ll bring my practical experiences in the areas of faith, relationships and business as well as pulling in the experiences of some dear friends and acquaintances. You’ll be equipped with tools through engaging conversations, personal and business development opportunities and “high-stepping” events to help you maintain forward movement toward your destiny. So, get out your favorite pair of heels and let’s walk out the steps to your destiny, together.

Where Can I Help You Gain Traction?

Available for Webinars / Workshops / Seminars - You choose your own subject matter. Examples below:

Walking Out Your Faith at Work

Staying the Course in your Personal Faith Walk

Keeping your faith at the Center of your Business

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